Officiating Basics

Introduction to officiating

Lifesaving sport is designed to help keep our guards up-skilled and ready for action. The Lifesaving Society is our governing body for Lifesaving sport - a sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. We use lifesaving sport to engage and inspire youth in our drowning prevention mission. Lifesaving sport programs can be tailored for participants at all skill levels and are based on the Canadian Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development model. Canadians currently compete at all levels from regional participation to international competitions. Lifeguards have the option to train to compete and officials are needed to provide these competition opportunities. This sport is available to our youth athletes too. Our junior guard/lifesaving sport programs are designed to get swimmers having fun and enjoying some of these skills to have them interested and working towards National Lifeguard certifications and developing awareness for drowning prevention.  Our sport is largely volunteer based and we appreciate all that our volunteer officials do to allow the opportunities for competition!