Sport Commission

The Nova Scotia Lifesaving Sport Commission currently consists of 11 voting members.

Additionally, the commission focuses on 5 key areas: Coaching, Development, High Performance, Officials, and Promotions.

Commissioner - Paul D'Eon

Paul first became involved in Lifesaving Sport as a competitor at Melmerby Beach, Nova Scotia in the summer of 1975. Since then, he has competed, judged, officiated, refereed, and meet managed at over 240 Lifesaving Sport events. He has been at every Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championship and has attended seven World Lifesaving Championship, first in Vancouver at Rescue 1986. Paul's favourite competitions are the "Nippers" on the beach when they are learning in the waves. Paul just finished marshaling ocean and and beach events at Rescue 2018 in Glenelg, Australia. Paul is currently the Special Projects Director for the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society. He just completed his 45th year with the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service.

Paul D'Eon can be reached via email at

Secretary - Julian Zou

Julian started competing and officiating in Lifesaving Sport when he joined the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service in 2014. He has officiated at numerous provincial and national competitions in open water, pool, and emergency response events. Julian's favourite events are Beach flags and Surf Ski Race. Julian currently sits on the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society's Board of Directors.

Julian Zou can be reached via email at

Athlete Representative - Olivier Blais

Olivier has been involved in Lifesaving Sport since 2015 and has competed in several competitions, regionally and nationally. He coaches the Canada Games Centre Youth Lifesaving Sport Team. His favourite events are the 2km Beach Run, Line Throw, and Wading Relay.

Oliver Blais can be reached via email at

Coaching Chair - Chris Hanlon

Chris has been involved in Lifesaving Sport for almost 20 years. First as a competitor, and later as the coach of Team Nova Scotia, he has helped the team win 3 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships Championships. His favourite event is the Taplin Relay. Chris currently sits on the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society's Board of Directors.

Chris Hanlon can be reached via email at

Development Chair - Sara Jennex

Sara competed in Lifesaving Sport from the late 90s until the late 2000s, when she retired to become an official and coach. As an athlete, Sara was lucky enough to travel to competitions all over Canada and the US. Her favourite events are Surf Swim, Run-Swim-Run and Wading Relay (a NS classic). Currently, Sara officiates at various events provincially and nationally. A Development Chair, Sara’s priorities lie in growing youth attendance and Provincial/National sport recognition.

Sara Jennex can be reached via email at

High Performance Chair - Pat McGrath

Officials Chair - Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie has been an active Lifesaving Society member for over 35 years, including having served on the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society's Board of Directors. Having worked as a swim instructor, lifeguard, and aquatic manager, Stephanie now focuses on mentoring and leadership development. Stephanie trained in the 80s for Emergency Response competitions, and is now a Lifesaving Sport coach. She is now certifying as an official in all three Lifesaving Sport disciplines. Stephanie is currently an instructor trainer for the Lifesaving Society and is working in Ukraine to help develop an active ILS Water Rescue Association.

Stephanie Jackson can be reached via email at

Promotions Chair - Emily Blacklock

Emily started competing in Lifesaving Sport in 2012 when she started a team in Ontario. Since moving to Nova Scotia, she has committed large amounts of time to coaching and training in the sport. Emily has had success at various competitions regionally, provincially, and nationally. Emily’s favourite events are Rescue Tube Rescue, 200m Super Lifesaver, Line Throw, and Priority Assessment.

Emily Blacklock can be reached via email at

Member at Large - Lauren Ching

Lauren Ching can be reached via email at

Member at Large - Karen Geddes-Selig

Karen Geddes-Selig can be reached via email at

Member at Large - Ryan Kemp

Ryan Kemp has worked as a lifeguard since 2002 starting out at the Sackville Sports Stadium and moving to the Dartmouth Sportsplex in 2007. He started into Lifesaving Sport in 2011 after an injury caused him to stop doing long course triathlons. Ryan has helped grow Dartmouth’s Team RamFish from 3 members to the large club it is today. Ryan has competed at a wide range of national championships in every Lifesaving Sport category. Ryan’s favourite events are the Rescue Tube Rescue, 2km Beach Run, and the 100m Manikin Tow with Fins. He continues to try and grow the sport whenever he has a chance.

Ryan Kemp can be reached via email at

NS Lifesaving Society Executive Director (Ex-Officio) - Mike Melenchuk

Mike Melenchuk competed in Lifesaving Sport while working for the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service. He became involved as an official during the first ever Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships, and has not looked back. Mike helped grow the "Surf League" in its early years and helped expose lifeguards all over the province to the sport. Mike traveled to three world lifesaving championships, earning roles as a sectional referee and a position on the appeals committee. In recent years, he has remained active at national competitions as chief referee and as a member of the appeals committee. Mike is excited to continue promoting and supporting Lifesaving Sport at home.

Mike Melenchuk can be reached via email at